K-9 Future-1 Hard Shell Rear Fold


The K-9 Future-1 hard shell roof top tent is out and about and like no other!

It has been designed and built using the finest products and technology this country of ours has to offer.

The fully welded 2mm folded aluminum shell has been designed and manufactured in a fully automated digitized world, which means the build quality and accuracy is spot on every time. We’ve also incorporated a composite panel board for its strength and insulation properties to make this tent stand up to the harshest weather conditions.

When designing the future-1 tent our main focus was to keep it simple, roomy and user friendly. We have achieved this simply with 4 spring tension bars that are easily fitted to the mounting points of the shell. This makes for a fast and easy set up and pack up.

The internal height of 1650mm, is tall enough for most people to get changed while standing up.

  1. Size: 1450mm x 2200mm
  2. Warranty: Wax Converters 5 years on canvas.
    2 year canvas manufacturing warranty on the tent and canvas accessories.
    12 month warranty on zips.

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Tent features are:

  • Removable awning covering front door and side windows held out by 4 spring tension bars
  • 3 way access in an out of the tent
  • Extra window above the door
  • 2 x Internal side wall storage pockets 
  • 125mm high double mattress
  • Optional 12-volt power sockets and led lighting
  • Optional roof mounted internal storage pockets

The removable rain hood covering the front and side windows is designed for those steamy rainy nights, which allows you to leave the windows most of the way open for better air circulation.

The 3 way access in and out of the tent gives you more options whether it be, mounting to a camper trailer, canopy or on top of a 4×4.

The extra window above the door is designed to let that hot air out which is one of the main reasons why canvas tents get a buildup of condensation when sleeping at night.

One of the best attributes of this tent is it’s comfy 125mm medium density foam double mattress.

The optional internal storage pockets are great to house iPad’, books or small mobile devices.

The optional 12-volt power sockets are great so you can charge those mobile devices up at night, along with the dimmable led strip lighting.

The other major key feature that this tent has to offer, where some others don’t, is the ability to leave bedding in the tent when packed up.

Specifications - 1450W x 2200L

Dimensions External 1450 wide x 2200 Long.
Internal Tent Dimensions 1290mm wide x 2040 long .
Internal opened height 1650mm.
External closed height without mounting rails 300mm.
Weight Approximately 82kg including mattress
Shell Construction 2mm powder coated aluminium combined with an infused composite pane board inserted into the roof and base.
Mattress 125mm medium density double foam mattress
Operation Gas strut assisted, concealed on the inside of shell when closed.
Fittings Stainless steel.
Canvas Wax convertors 10.9oz Dynaproofed Billabong canvas. Backed by a 5 year warranty.
Tent Particulars Air vents sewn into the canvas to allow the hot air to escape which help reduce condensation.
Rain hoods with spring bars covering side windows.
Fully sewn in room divider.

Optional Extras


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